Latest Releases

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The Perspectives - No Direction
Los Florifundia - Uno
Azar - Chorus of Woes
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Skylar Valli - Blue.
Blue. Skylar Valli 2019
Lauren Beeler - Black Hole Sun
line leader - Year of the Rocket
Gnarly Critter - Transylvania
Bathing Lagoon - What Is on Your Mind
Ghostmouth - Cool Villain
Hadrien - Dream (Short Version)
The Steppes - Enquire Within
Atlas Lab - Lullaby
Lullaby Atlas Lab 2019
The 200's - Power Move
Color You - Preface
Preface Color You 2019
The Rashomon Effect - Scarab
Sunkiller - Sunlight
Sunlight Sunkiller 2019
Arbórea Austral - Aura
Alien Lizard - Monatomic Gold
FreeSeers - Last Vintage
The Howlers - The Sun Goes Up, The Sun Goes Down
Talk to Plants - Field of View (Notes from the Observatory)