Latest Releases

Flatirons Music - All Things New
Daniel Friend - Afterthoughts
Abijossy - The Breath
Tobiloba - Who Else?
Who Else? Tobiloba 2019
Essence Cross - Into the Holies
Daimon S. Hoover - Your Captain
Isaac M - God Loves You
Jenna & Zoë - Nothing but Freedom Here (Live)
Doxa Worship - I Am Not Ashamed
Meghan Pulles - Light After Loss
Our Confident Hope - In This Storm (feat. Joel Dodge)
Yinka Olaniran - I Will Worship You
Adagio Trio - Celtic Laud
Gospel Folk - Make Me Know
Dahlia Ashley - Season of Turnaround
José Juan Aguilar - Tu Creaste Mi Razón
New Scottish Hymns Band - Joy Will Follow (Selected Songs)
Madaline Garcia - Warrior (feat. Tyrone Crawford)
Stephen Bankole-Wright - Walking in My Blessing
Ized (Dorothy Egbon) - Living Way
Eric Thigpen - Nothing but the Blood (Instrumental)
Mitchell Meckfessel - Never Let Me Down
Aljava & Manuela Alves - Jesus
ECC Worship - Build My Life (Acoustic) [feat. Serenity Crane & Julie Voss]
Shannon Williamson - New Oil: Songs of the Prophets
Eric Thigpen - Worthy (Reimagined)
P. Lo Jetson - Jetson Juice
Fabio Silva Music - Minha Vida em Teu Altar
Jeffrey Gilliam - True Forgiveness
Miguel Angel - Sobrenatural (feat. Delilah)
Foldinglights - Subterranean Hum
Sharil Sanchez - Confiaré
Mantras Con Amor - Kumbha Mela Radhe
Awaken Adoration - Dios de Amor