Latest Releases

Edwin Hosoomel & Señor Loop - Triste Perro (Edwin Hosoomel Version)
La Era Vulgar - Mi Nombre
GMC - Wrong (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Demigosh - Ibi (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Death by Piano - Emergency
Various Artists - Road Trap Beats
Road Trap Beats Various Artists 2020
Cura - Rio
Rio Cura 2020
DOMA - Violin (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Ciamac - Resolush
Resolush Ciamac 2020
Skander - Everyday (feat. Beetljuice) (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Lucid Opera - Shipwrecked Alien
SLNT - Vórtice
Vórtice SLNT 2020
Weeper - Grayscale Rainbow (Demo)
Crore - Isolation
Isolation Crore 2020
Kayo - Okay! (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Leon Riskin - Last Minutes in Space
Chary Goodman & Angel Brown - Ellos Dicen
CyFi & Lickdisco - Vermillion
Stu! - Swag Song
Swag Song Stu! 2020
Маша Гельштейн - Гроза
Peter Clasen - How Trees Communicate
Clash Contrast - Left-Right EP
Giyo - Once Upon a Time
Zoey the White Lioness - Glitch in the Trip
Cosmic Attic - Comet
Comet Cosmic Attic 2020
2A @ the Playground - Post Crisis Evolution
Cartta - Rubia Divina (feat. Ivn)
Jayzo - She's Fine Too (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Fabiè - Tipologie d'ambiente
Mr. Gold - Code Blue (feat. Beski)
Risskant - Grof Geschud (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Drunken Jipis - Wicked Game
Isover - Oops (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Shrxm - Catch Some Z's (feat. Atalex & Yung Owl) (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Cray J - Lost (Explicit)Contains explicit content